So you’re moderating and you get a post like this:

You find yourself confused – how do you address each post, but also what are they asking for that is actually educational?  Better yet, what are they actually asking?  This post can include, and often does, more questions like, “Has anyone used SAFECO insurance?”  “What can y’all tell me about REMAX realtors.”  “I’m wondering about your experiences with Veterans Lending Group.”  You can see how the questions may seem simple and innocent enough, but clearly, they are asking for group decision-making on determining their decisions.

The post’s purpose, as worded by this member, is to help find a professional or company. They are wanting us, and the community, to provide contextual comments on their choice of who to work with so they can decide better. They are asking our group to vet their choice not knowing their situation or experiences.  Which is a matter we do not take up as a mission.

This is a post that should be declined, thank them for wanting to seek info, and ask them what specific questions they have about the process and not specifically about the lender.