The first step in this process is to determine if they are in fact a professional that requires booting. Check the field guide to determine which professionals should receive an invite to the pros group as that list could update. If their profile clearly states they are a professional, this will be an easy boot. If they’ve just made a suspicious post, how can you determine if they are a professional?

Here are some tips/tricks to investigating:

  1. Check their about section in their FB profile
  2. See if you have any groups and/or friends in common
  3. Google their name and put RE/LO/Real Estate etc. behind it to see if anything pops up
  4. -Check this website to see if they are licensed as an LO
  5. REs will be state dependent. If you can see which state they are in, google the RE Agent directory for that state
  6. Still not sure? Ask your squad! See if they can see anything you’re missing
  7. Still can’t tell? Message the member. Don’t accuse or instantly send the invite, but a simple, “Hey! I saw you mention “X” and I was just curious if you were in the industry.” 9 times out of 10 they will be honest with you. They are proud of what they do and are most likely just here to try and help.

Okay… you’ve determined that they are a pro, what now?

  1. Send them a message inviting them to the professionals group. You can individualize this, but something along the lines of… “Hey! I happened to notice you are a professional in the industry and I wanted to invite you to our VVA for Professionals! The professionals group is supported by the same moderators and they provide the same resources they provide this group! They will be able to answer any personal questions you have, but they can also help with any professional question you come across as well. Unfortunately, due to past issues, we do have to remove you from the Vetted VA group, but we want to still help and support you in any way we can. Please use the link below to join the VVA For Professionals group. Thank you!
  2. Once you have sent them that message, take a screenshot or recording of the boot and post it in the COC group. Make sure to type out the members name in the post to make it easier to search if needed.