A new Circular was dropped on your Squad Day, your squad has been asked to drop a video overview of the Circular, and you’ve volunteered to do the video.  So what does that mean, and what are the expectations for that video and timeline?

When a Circular hits we want to be first to market with updates to the market in the main Vetted VA group, the webpage, and the pros Facebook group.  So speed is key here!  Your video should be done within the hour of taking the assignment.

How do you best prep for the video? Let’s address that all right here.

  1. Read/Review the circular and look for impact points:
    1. Who
    2. What
    3. When
    4. Where
    5. Why
    6. How
    7. What Else
    8. What Other
  2. Create an outline of what you want to say in the video addressing those key points and post it somewhere near the camera
  3. Prepare your filming area
    1. Good lighting?
    2. Not too noisy? (like not in a coffee shop or IHOP)
    3. No whiteboard behind you with private consumer information?
    4. You won’t be interrupted for a couple of minutes (put your phones on silent)
  4. Get your camera set.  If filming on a cell phone film in landscape mode using the back camera. If using your webcam on your computer please make sure it’s set to the highest resolution settings.
  5. Get your sound recording device situated.  Many cell phones have great mics for quiet offices and space with little background noise.  But this also means that your computer fan needs to be quiet.  We can overcome some background noise but not a lot.  Here is a solid simple mic for computers or mobile devices.
  6. Lighting – clear lighting on your face and not too bright in the background.

Now that you’re ready, hit record and just talk to your friend in the camera the person who will watch this message later.   These do not have to be formal, should just get right to the point, and be no longer than 1.5 minutes.  On the subject of time – don’t fret it: say what you need to say and send it.  We can edit it down if you need.

When you’re all done share the video with Nathan or to info@vettedva.com.  The easiest way is to use Google Drive, but if you have another files share system that will work just fine.   We will edit it, title it, and publish it for you!  Once it’s public you’re welcome to share it around as well.

Circular Update Examples