General Knowledge Courses

Spend some time exploring these courses, lessons, and topics that will provide information and insights from Vetted VA Professionals that are actively working in the industry every single day.

The VA Lender Handbook

We will spend a series of videos discussing the different chapters of the VA Lender Handbook and how they apply and affect the lending landscape. This is not an exhaustive walk through the handbook in a training that will make you an “expert” (we try hard not to use that word).  Instead this will familiarize you with what is in the chapters, how it applies daily, and other anecdotes that might speak to situations you’re facing.

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Deep Dive into VA Lender Handbook Sub-Topics

The handbook covers all aspects of the VA Loan process.  We will spend time with Vetted VA Professionals taking bite size training topics on the nuances of the VA Lending environment.  In these videos you will learn some of the little known facts about VA Lending and where to cite/source the information to serve you better, no matter who you work with.

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VA Home Loan Circulars – In Brief

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