BLUF -> Insurance Professionals – ???? CHANGE ALERT ????

This is kind of in line with our “Engage Every Post” modification recently.

Insurance professionals are not automatically Mortgage/Real Estate pros. We’ve
taken a bit of a hard stance on having them in the group because, well like many
pros, they have a hard time not soliciting. HOWEVER, in hindsight, that
probably isn’t the best approach.

For now, an Insurance Pro is allowed in the group UNLESS they are soliciting
(DM me, here’s my contact, call me I know someone)…etc.

Where does this get tricky? Maybe with Statefarm reps. Maybe with insurance
Pros who are also Financial Advisors. But we have to stay vigilant.

Q: What does this mean for our current Insurance Professional who is going
through testing?
A: Right now this is Beta testing. When his tests are done we will review the
impact on understanding and how it will adjust his engagement. He will be
assigned a squad and moderate. We will create a service level impact page on
the website to see what kind of questions come in. Once we’ve determined the
vetting process for this level of professional we will draw a solid line on moving
to pros group and inviting to the Vetting process.

Q: I just saw solicitation so I boot them out immediately right?
A: Probably not. Remind first with a, “Hey, You, this is me. Just wanted to
remind you of one of our core rules of Vetted VA. Please don’t solicit and we do
define that broadly. But if you can help, please do so publicly so all currently,
and those that will come after, can learn from the input.”

If argument convenes or DM-ing commences then make a determination with
Squad Leader and document for the COC. But no one should be booted just for
trying to help without having a chance to correct behavior and adjust attitude.

Squad Leaders will discuss with Squads and any other questions should be
worked out with them and then upwards if needed.