It’s Not Quite Like That

Thank you for your interest in serving Veterans with us.

We want to be super clear here – We are NOT a leads group.  Hard stop.  Period.  End of statement.

We exist to serve Veterans fully by providing value, wisdom, insights, training, support…no matter who they are working with or at whichever stage in the mortgage/real estate process that they come to us.

When you join Vetted VA™ you do so knowing you will be tested to frustration, sometimes breaking (both realtors and loan officers take the same testing), but when you are done you will know better how to serve others and source your information.  You will build relationships with professionals nationwide that are here to support you in every stage of service.  You will be part of changing the experiences and expectations around VA home loans.

Still interested?  Then please send an email to info(at) and title the subject: I’m interested in joining.

We will send you back some tasks to complete and data to supply.