So you’re moderating the other day and you find a post that has three awesome paragraphs of questions and then BAM a sentence that is a complete and absolute NO GO.  Like location, interest rate, data that you shouldn’t share because of PII…etc.  While it’s always good to get the Original Poster (OP) to edit sometimes they don’t look at messages, don’t see that they were tagged on another post about there pending post etc…so what do we do?

Step 1: Decline the post and send feedback, kindly, that for the reason of solicitation or vetting we need an edit to the post.

Step 2: Search their name in the group and try to tag them on an older post they submitted or were tagged on (like the welcome message) and let them know you’re trying to get ahold of them with feedback on their pending post.

EX: “Hey @You, this is me a moderator, and I sent you feedback on your pending post for a quick edit so we can approve it.  Thanks!”

Step 3: They don’t answer, it’s been sitting, and you want to help.  Thanks to Jason York, Brian Dix, LeRoy Romero, and others we’ve tested a pretty good way to now engage.

  • Find the post in the Pending post section
  • Rewrite the post and your response in a way that can be approved.
  • Then post the question/content as an original post from you and if possible tag the OP
  • Answer the question like you would engage it as a moderator – fully and with resources
    • Side note: In this example, the OP has a lot of restrictions on so I DM’d him the link to this post with my decline message:

By attending to the post this way we can continue moving forward, engaging the questions and needs, and providing regular value and insight to the members.