No Specific Locations in Posts

Over the past 3 years we’ve worked to maintain a very open group with very specific rules, while still attempting to NOT strictly prohibit member posts.  However, we’ve also found that without putting down a strong line on LOCATION in posts the gray area is just too broad.  Per final directive 12/10/2022 we no longer allow locations in posts.

Example Post:

While the location is specific as part of the story it is NOT needed to educate the Community Member.  In fact it can lead to more comments similar to: “Welcome, I used XXXXX and can connect you!”  Good intention but wrong outcome.  And requires more censoring/moderating of the group.

How to handle:

  • Thank the poster for asking their question
  • Encourage all pending posts to remove the specific location from their post.
  • If needed explain that location specific details are often not as important as driving to the answer and education they are seeking.

EX of edit request: “Hey (OP), thank you for posting your question!  In order to stick with group guidelines on no solicitation I would ask that you remove your specific location in your post.  I think we can definitely answer your question as it will impact more people than just in that same area. Thank you!”


If they insist on location please address their post on the PINNED MAP POST – and encourage them to reach out to a Vetted VA Professional in that state for personal support.

Example using the image above:

“Thanks for your question and because of the immediacy of your need I highly encourage you to click the link above to and go to the website and click on TX.  Talk to a Vetted VA professional on that page and they will support you with any question you have.  No pressure and no solicitation just support and training.”

In the case where location MIGHT be very important do NOT approve the post but ANSWER the pending post on another post with a similar topic – or the MAP post pinned at the top of the group.