Vetted VA™ Professional Team Members

Welcome to the support team access point for Vetted VA Training. This is the baseline training when it comes to VA Lending.

The first segment you will go through is interactive interviews with different Vetted VA Professionals discussing parts of the VA Lender handbook. This is not set up to be something you must take notes on, or expect pop quizzes, but instead, it should help add awareness of the handbook, some comfort with terminology, and even some “AHA” moments if you’ve been in the industry for a length of time.

Once you’ve completed watching the preliminary videos you will then have access to the testing. And this is why you don’t need to take notes – the tests are ALL open book. Yep, all of them.

BUT – you have to pass with a 90% or higher score on each test to move on. And you can take it as many times as you need. The key here is getting REALLY good at searching out the correct answer in the handbook as you move forward in the testing.

Why do we do it this way? Because things change, often, and thinking you “know” an answer without double-checking yourself EVERY time will get you in hot water. Not always, but enough that it can cause a client the possibility of losing out on buying the home they are TRUSTING you with helping them finance or close. It happens to every team in this industry, but that never means it’s acceptable.

So enjoy the process here. It may not be challenging to you (doubt it tho) or you might feel like quitting, either way, we’re confident you will finish this course series feeling more confident encountering questions and finding answers to problems of all types and for all clients.

Vetted VA Professional Training

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Compliance Training Topics

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Public & General Knowledge

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