The guidelines for allowing/disallowing tagged and named professionals in the VVA FB Group is not a science, but there are baseline rules.  If there is a question after abiding by these rules first then the squad leader will have the final say.

A Vetted VA Professional can be tagged by name (not company).

Service Sources (COMPANIES) not in Vetted VA cannot be named. These usually are Realtors or Lenders by name or company name.  We do not provide a non-vetted source and when these are allowed through they become solicitation posts where one member will say, “Hey can you send me their info?”  The OP will of course oblige but we cannot hold that source accountable or have eyes on their production and intent.

This can also show in comments of “I’ve used XXXX (company) and they were __________ (fill in blank with good/bad/indifferent).  We are removing company names in their entirety because the company is not the answer to the Veteran/AD need or direct questions.  Regularly companies are named when a location/credit/rate difficulty is at the heart of the question.

If you feel a comment or feedback is needed when removing the comment that is causing difficulty you should say, in your own words, something about “Thank you for sharing, we make sure not to talk about the company or professional because the solution is not usually dependent on the service provider.  Instead what piece of information or source can we share that will help solve the problem/answer the question?”

Non-consumer facing. This person is one which a consumer would not go to for service such as an LOA, processor, U/W, transaction coordinator-etc.  This individual would NOT need to be licensed by either the SAFE Act rules or state rules for licensed Real Estate Professionals.  It isn’t incredibly common, however, consumers will connect with different members of a team and may wish, in their excitement and joy for achieving a dream of financing a mortgage, to acknowledge everyone they worked with to get the loan/transaction closed. There isn’t a risk of the Vet going directly to this support team individual for service by the nature of their position.

Every control placed on a post can impact veteran trust at the same time.  This is why we must remember that the large majority of posts by the Veteran is not intended or designed to create solicitation, they are just exceptionally happy that they have achieved a dream.

To approach the Veteran and request a change make sure you address the following:

  1. Congratulate on the post or acknowledge the sentiment/statement that is in the pending post.
  2. Request that the named Sales Person (Service Source) be removed from the post.  Explain that without them being a Vetted VA Professional we can’t monitor their service and validate their training.
  3. Request that the Vet/AD/Spouse member introduce us to their Service Source by encouraging them to join Vetted VA for Professionals group or emailing to find out how to join.


As a Vetted VA Professional – If it comes to the attention of leadership that you take info from Veterans/AD/Spouses of Vetted VA that come to you through the group or the website map and hand them off to Service Sources in your company to work then you may be removed from Vetted VA directly.  A team support team member would be one whose job is to not create business, but work with current clients to complete transactions efficiently and with excellent service.