Interviewing a Lender? Ask These Questions!

  • How are you (the lender) different from other VA Lenders?

  • How much are you charging in Loan Origination fee?

  • How many “points” am I being charged?

  • What closing costs can the seller pay for?

  • What can I do to make my cash-to-close $0 or as close to $0 as possible?

  • Can the VA Loan be transferred to a future buy?

  • What are VA non-allowable fees?

  • What else can the seller pay for?

  • How long can we expect to close on the loan?

  • What out of pocket expenses should I be prepared for?  At closing and over time?

  • What is a good number to have ready to spend for inspections and repairs?

  • What are property taxes and how can that affect my monthly mortgage payment over time?

  • How long should I wait to refinance my home?

  • Is it better to cash out refinance or is it more risky to use home equity?

  • How do I get a home that needs lots of repairs included into my VA loan?

  • Does using a VA loan increase my monthly mortgage payment by putting 0 down?

  • How does using the VA loan while active duty vary from using a VA loan when I separate?

  • How can I use a VA loan to finance my second house?

  • How long after getting out and finding a new job should I work before showing proof of employment for a VA loan?

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