Abide to standards superior to everyone else…in every catgory.

Loan Officers that are Vetted VA approved are accountable for their loan origination.  They have proven through knowledge and process that they provide the best service and loan terms for Veterans in their area.  They are held accountable to this performance by fellow Loan Officers and a commitment to excellence.

Vetted Loan Officers have seen it all when it comes to VA Home Loan Benefits.  And they keep learning from one another.  A Vetted VA Loan Officer does not work alone, they work as a team with other like-minded professionals around the nation and with multiple lenders and they are focused on being the best.

Whether you’re Active Duty, Reservist, Veteran, or Surviving Spouse the Vetted VA approved Loan Officers are here to serve you.  Within these pages, you will find a series of VA Home Loan FAQs, information, and data that will better inform you.

As a real estate professional, this is the place that will disprove all the mistruths of the VA Loan process.

Vetted VA Membership
Becoming a Vetted VA member is not an easy process.  There is recruitment, testing, and ranks which all lead to higher levels of accountability and performance from all involved.

​If you want to become a Vetted VA Loan Officer, then you need to understand this will take dedication and investment on your part both financially and with time.

​For more information on how this all works check out the video from Chris Griffith explain the purpose and vision of it all.