BLUF -> VVA PFT is live today and you have 60 days to get to Par

Over the last 4 months we’ve monitored activity that we think is Par, Sub-Par,
and Over Achiever. By doing so we’ve come up with a simple 90 day metric
check that will alert you, and us, if you’re running at a solid pace in moderating.
Your Squad Leaders have kept good tabs on this and with the addition of Fire
Teams in all Squads it is now time to give you the 60 days warning on VVA PFT

On January 1 we will do reviews on all Moderators to ensure you’re performing
at Par standards. Those standards are:

Over a 90 day period you should be Moderating
with Comments at a rate of 100 SOLID and
ENGAGING comments. Broken down that is
11.25 Squad Rotations where you should have
8.88 communications in the group. If reviewed
with comments in-line then all “yay/congrats/so
cool/awesome…” type comments will be removed
from consideration.

What do I mean by “SOLID” and “ENGAGING”?
These are comments that 1. Educate, 2. Direct
Dialogue, 3. Follow Up

For Example – These are my results: You can see that I’ve commented 245 times, and had some down days and active days.

Note that the last few days I’ve not been active in the group.

These are the results of a Squad Leader. Note the Peaks and Valleys that are in line with Squad Watch days.


These are the results of Sub-Par: Note that there was a change at the end once made aware, but before….

Common Rebuttal for Under

1. “I don’t want to just repeat what others

• See here: Stephen answered well

• I backed him up (there were others too)

We call this the “Double Tap”. You can provide a story, insights, a different way
to say, or even provide a resource (on this post we should have had the link to
Chapter 8 on allowable fees).

2. “I don’t want to be wrong…”

This is why we set up testing the way we did. Most of you were wrong a LOT on
those tests and got through it. If you’re not sure then check with the squad. If
you’re corrected in line, then be open to learning and not debating. Best of all,
back yourself up with Resources (VA Lender Handbook, etc).

Want to see what your numbers are?

Step 1: Click “Members” in the FB Group

Step 2: Type in your name (or another’s name) – This is Amanda Debord

Step 3: Click the name

Step 4: Scroll half way down and see chart on left. Select the “Comment” bubble.

Step 5: Hover over points to see what happened on that day and number of comments. Right under the chart is the cumulative number for the past 90 days. Goal it to stay above

Now, what questions do you have?