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Cliff W. Gilmore brings some thoughts on Dedication – the first “D” in JJ DID TIE BUCKLE leadership traits.


Three Leadership Lessons I Learned as a Paperboy

Three Leadership Lessons Learned – as a Paper Boy

My first paid job was delivering newspapers. Six days a week for three years or so I slung about a hundred papers from one end of Sedro-Wooley, Washington’s Jameson Street to the other. That was thirteen blocks of out-and-back or zig-zag, depending on whether I wanted to end up back at home or playing Zaxxon at the corner store.

It wasn’t a bad gig really. I could set my own pace as

Three Leadership Lessons I Learned as a Paperboy2022-03-07T10:46:49-08:00


In this session of Leadership Coaching with Cliff we explore the second “J” in JJ DID TIE BUCKLE.

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