Lender’s Handbook VA Pamphlet 26-7, Revised

The core of all VA Lending starts with the Lender Handbook Pamphlet 26 – 7.  This document outlines and clarifies what the VA will and will not approve when insuring a VA Home Loan.  It is the place to start for all understanding.  We’ve included the full handbook here for easier reference, but full details and any other updates can always be found at the original source: https://www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/lenders.asp

VA Loan Guaranty Circulars

Changes in market conditions, natural disasters, regulatory oversight, congressional updates, and more, can create temporary modifications to the VA Lender Handbook.  When this happens, especially if the change is temporary, the VA issues a Loan Guaranty Circular.

Each Circular defines the Who, What, Why, When, What Else, and What Other of the modification.  It will clearly define the start and end date of the modification as well.  You can find the full library of changes on the VA Lender site here: VA Loan Guaranty Circulars

This Chatbot is powered by the VA Lender Handbook 26-7 and information on this site.  Please check with a Vetted VA Professional in your state to confirm the information you find here.