Christopher Griffith, Vetted VA™

Christopher Griffith
Through Vetted VA™, Christopher Griffith is working for Veterans who want to use the VA Home Loan Guarantee to purchase their home – and take control of their lives.
He is a Marine Veteran, entrepreneur, educator, motivator, and a “nobody from nowheresville.” Christopher understands personally what the VA Home Loan Guarantee can do to change lives for the better; that’s why he is dedicating his time to creating a better solution that will make it easier for Veterans to get the mortgage they want with all of the perks they desire. He is bringing awareness to the fact that service and integrity are missing from the practice of real estate, mortgage and lending in the United States. This does not mean every single individual working as a broker/mortgage originator, but rather the system that has evolved into a feeder system for large banks and small predatory lenders.

Not only does Christopher make a commitment to share community-building exercises and stories, but he’s also deft at it. He has become a top thought leader in the community of Veteran advocates through his prolific use of media. The beauty of the Internet is that you can build a voice for your business and community without spending a dime, which is exactly what Mr. Griffith has done. The amount of time and effort he puts into helping his neighbors and his community is bountiful. He truly believes in the power of giving and goes all out.

He saw the opportunity to build something different, something special, something built on common principles based on relationships. Christopher also builds trust, which forms strong family-like bonds between clients, brokers, friends and neighbors that will last a lifetime.

Nathan Knottingham, Vetted VA™

Nathan Knottingham
Nathan Knottingham is a speaker and consultant, a business builder, and a seasoned entrepreneur. Nathan’s passion for good education and protection for consumers is apparent in all he does. He’s committed to helping businesses and individuals grow through targeted content strategies and marketing automation, but he is an extrovert at heart who loves to connect with people and build community through creating genuine relationships.

Before graduating with his Masters Degree in Business Administration from Corban University, Nathan had already dove headfirst into the real estate industry as a loan officer. After completing college, he continued to set out on an ambitious adventure where he educated himself in every aspect of making a successful real estate transaction happen. Over the course of Nathan’s career, he has fulfilled the role of a leader in many different ways. From being the President of McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce to Vice President of Training and Development at Knowledge Coop, Nathan has mentored and supported people to help them see the potential in themselves and others to accomplish great things.

He’s dedicated to helping people get real about what it means to live their life on purpose and striving toward the things that matter most. When Nathan isn’t found serving his community, he is spending time with his wife and two children. He is a loving husband and father who enjoys reading, playing music, and woodworking.

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