The VA Home Loan Program

Hot off the press is our latest publication – the Ultimate VA Home Loan Resource Guide.  In this guide you’ll learn about:

  • Basics of the VA Loan
  • Determining Eligibility
  • VA Funding Fee
  • Key Benefits
  • Common Mistakes & Misconceptions
  • VA Loan Protections
  • The Veteran Seller/Buyer
  • Closing Costs
  • And a lot more

The best part is – it’s free and it’s yours now – you don’t need to sign up for anything or give your email address.  Just take it, use it, and if you need more help call one of our pros that’s in your state.

Study of the Rising Diversity in VA Home Loan Buying

Rising Diversity in VA Home Buying

The VA home loan, an esteemed benefit bestowed upon US military service members as a token of gratitude for their contractual service to the nation, stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of homeownership. Interestingly, while the title of “US Veteran” is not recognized as a protected class in housing, nor covered by ECOA or the Fair Housing Act, the actual individuals behind this title – especially those from diversified communities – experience unparalleled advantages through this program.

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Debunking VA Loan Myths

This white paper aims to uncover facts about VA lending through data and, to the extent possible, clarify and dispel some myths about the VA loan as a Benefit and in its active use.   In its 3rd updated version this report does a great job of comparing and contrasting common myths and misconceptions.  This report can be used by professionals and VA Home Loan eligible consumers alike to better understand the amazing STRENGTH of the VA Home Loan.  👉

2022 VA Home Loan Guarantee Report

The VA puts out an annual report that give a good overview on the VA Home Loan Benefit as a year in review.  However, it’s usually hard to find it so we’ve added it here for you to reference!  You can find the VA Report here or just download it from our site 👉

There are two types of guaranteed loans: purchase and refinance. A purchase loan is used to obtain a home. The other loan type is a refinance, and there are two kinds of refinance loans: interest rate reduction and other refinance (i.e., cash-out refinancing). Interest rate reduction is typically the most common reason for refinancing a loan, however in FY 2022, cash-out refinancing was the most common reason.

2022 VA Home Loan Guarantee Report