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2023 Conforming Loan Limits

Circular 26-22-18

Today I want to talk to you about a new circular that dropped for the VA. It is circular number 26-22-18, and it is about the new Federal Housing Finance Agency 2023 conforming loan limits.

Now, if you have your full entitlement available, this won’t affect you. Generally speaking, the conforming loan limits determine whether or not your loan is a jumbo or a conforming loan. But if

2023 Conforming Loan Limits2022-12-20T10:30:12-08:00

No Specific Locations

No Specific Locations in Posts

Over the past 3 years we’ve worked to maintain a very open group with very specific rules, while still attempting to NOT strictly prohibit member posts.  However, we’ve also found that without putting down a strong line on LOCATION in posts the gray area is just too broad.  Per final directive 12/10/2022 we no longer allow locations in posts.

Example Post:

While the location is specific as part of

No Specific Locations2022-12-10T12:16:02-08:00

Dual License Policy


JULY 9, 2022

Dual License Policy

  1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this Policy is to clarify Vetted VA’s intended and implied stance on dual licensed professionals (DLP) and their operations as a Vetted VA Professional within the Vetted VA environments.  
  2. BACKGROUND:  It is common practice for many NMLS Registered and Licensed Loan Originators (MLO)
Dual License Policy2022-07-09T15:56:21-07:00

Vetted VA LIVE – Appraisal vs Inspection?

Vetted VA LIVE – Appraisal or Inspection?

[00:00:00] Josh Lewis: That’s it we’re live. You ready? Josh? vetted VA live episode, number three, we hopefully almost know what we’re doing now. If you missed either the first two episodes and you’re interested week one, we went through a thorough discussion of the loan estimate and we had two awesome experts on I had the joy of having my, Facebook page open. So it was actually talking, to me in

Vetted VA LIVE – Appraisal vs Inspection?2022-05-19T06:35:27-07:00

Vetted VA Live – 5 Tips for Getting Your VA Offer Accepted

Vetted VA LIVE – 5 Tips for Getting Your VA Offer Accepted

Welcome to Vetted VA LIVE

Vetted VA Live 5 Tips for Getting Your VA Offer Accepted –

[00:00:00] Josh Lewis: So new project here. This is obviously the, second week, last week we got together with Brendan McKay out of Maryland, Matt Burkhead in Arizona and Nathan Nottingham, the COO of vetted VA was here and we walked through the loan estimate and everything that you need to know

Vetted VA Live – 5 Tips for Getting Your VA Offer Accepted2022-05-16T10:46:43-07:00

Vetted VA LIVE: Understanding the Loan Estimate

Vetted VA Live: Understanding the Loan Estimate

[00:00:00] Josh Lewis: Welcome to the inaugural episode here of vetted VA alive. We’re tentatively scheduled here to come. Every Tuesday you guys are used to in the Facebook chat. Being able to answer, ask your questions and get those answered. What we wanted to do is be able to give you a video them to step in and have them answer live where the vetted VA experts can go into a

Vetted VA LIVE: Understanding the Loan Estimate2022-05-13T09:19:48-07:00

When to DM or PM a Vetted VA Member

When is it Appropriate to DM or PM a Vetted VA Member?

Hello Vetted VA Pros, Nathan here. The question has come up. And so I’m doing a new style of field guide. If you’d like to watch a video, then check this out. If you like to listen or read then look below, cause I’m going to transcribe this video. So what do we do, when is it appropriate, to PM or DM? A vetted VA community member?


When to DM or PM a Vetted VA Member2022-04-18T10:37:12-07:00

Real Estate Commission & Gift Posts

Handling Commission, Fees, & Gift Idea Posts

In the last three years of group management, as we’ve continued to grow, we see a definite division between how many of the community discuss and appreciate the professionals that serve them.  Through trial and error we’ve landed on the side of NOT approving Commission, fees, or gift posts in Vetted VA.

Some “Whys”:

  1. Commissions/Fees are not universal and can be negotiated.  Also, according to Article 12 of the NAR Ethics guide a Realtor
Real Estate Commission & Gift Posts2022-12-10T12:00:52-08:00

Debunking VA Myths: Why You Should Work with a Veteran

Debunking VA Myths: Why You Should Work with a Veteran


This white paper aims to uncover facts about VA lending through data and, to the extent possible, clarify and dispel some of the myths about the VA loan. The paper is a collaboration of Vetted VA and Polygon Research. Our approach involves:

  1. Extensive data analysis of key data sets that inform our understanding of the VA loan described below, and 
Debunking VA Myths: Why You Should Work with a Veteran2022-03-24T14:47:50-07:00


Cliff W. Gilmore brings some thoughts on Dedication – the first “D” in JJ DID TIE BUCKLE leadership traits.

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