No Specific Locations

No Specific Locations in Posts

Over the past 3 years we’ve worked to maintain a very open group with very specific rules, while still attempting to NOT strictly prohibit member posts.  However, we’ve also found that without putting down a strong line on LOCATION in posts the gray area is just too broad.  Per final directive 12/10/2022 we no longer allow locations in posts.

Example Post:

While the location is specific as part of

No Specific Locations2022-12-10T12:16:02-08:00

When to DM or PM a Vetted VA Member

When is it Appropriate to DM or PM a Vetted VA Member?

Hello Vetted VA Pros, Nathan here. The question has come up. And so I’m doing a new style of field guide. If you’d like to watch a video, then check this out. If you like to listen or read then look below, cause I’m going to transcribe this video. So what do we do, when is it appropriate, to PM or DM? A vetted VA community member?


When to DM or PM a Vetted VA Member2022-04-18T10:37:12-07:00

Real Estate Commission & Gift Posts

Handling Commission, Fees, & Gift Idea Posts

In the last three years of group management, as we’ve continued to grow, we see a definite division between how many of the community discuss and appreciate the professionals that serve them.  Through trial and error we’ve landed on the side of NOT approving Commission, fees, or gift posts in Vetted VA.

Some “Whys”:

  1. Commissions/Fees are not universal and can be negotiated.  Also, according to Article 12 of the NAR Ethics guide a Realtor
Real Estate Commission & Gift Posts2022-12-10T12:00:52-08:00

Are they a pro? What do you do next?

The first step in this process is to determine if they are in fact a professional that requires booting. Check the field guide to determine which professionals should receive an invite to the pros group as that list could update. If their profile clearly states they are a professional, this will be an easy boot. If they’ve just made a suspicious post, how can you determine if they are a professional?

Here are some tips/tricks to investigating:

  1. Check their about section
Are they a pro? What do you do next?2022-03-22T10:01:57-07:00

Referrals – Defining Terms & Intent

Vetted VA is not, was not built, to be a Leads Source Group.  We don’t promise, promote, or propagate leads for the professionals that join the ranks and sign up for the training, coaching, and service activities.

Vetted VA started to provide true and sourced information about the VA Home Loan to Veterans/Active Duty/Spouses who were desiring to utilize their VA Home Loan Benefit, either the first time or the umpteenth time, Vetted VA helps them source the answers to their

Referrals – Defining Terms & Intent2022-01-20T07:25:47-08:00

It’s a Good Post, but…..

So you’re moderating the other day and you find a post that has three awesome paragraphs of questions and then BAM a sentence that is a complete and absolute NO GO.  Like location, interest rate, data that you shouldn’t share because of PII…etc.  While it’s always good to get the Original Poster (OP) to edit sometimes they don’t look at messages, don’t see that they were tagged on another post about there pending post etc…so what do we do?

Step 1:

It’s a Good Post, but…..2022-01-08T08:04:28-08:00

Circular Update Videos

A new Circular was dropped on your Squad Day, your squad has been asked to drop a video overview of the Circular, and you’ve volunteered to do the video.  So what does that mean, and what are the expectations for that video and timeline?

When a Circular hits we want to be first to market with updates to the market in the main Vetted VA group, the webpage, and the pros Facebook group.  So speed is key here!  Your video should

Circular Update Videos2022-01-06T13:17:39-08:00

We Don’t Approve Rate Posts

Over 2 years of running this group we’ve found a few things to be undeniable facts when dealing with people: 1 – Everyone likes to compare what they have verse others and 2 – People will speak like professionals even if they aren’t actually professionals.

One way this ALWAYS proves true is in posts that ask about interest rates…

Here’s a note from Brian Dix from September of 2020 :

BLUF: Don’t approve posts pertaining to rates and closing costs advice. Often, we

We Don’t Approve Rate Posts2022-12-10T12:01:23-08:00

Semper Gumby

Semper Gumby – “Always Flexible”

It is a play on the motto Semper Fidelis (which means “Always Faithful”), the official USMC motto. It is also a play on Semper fortis which means “Always strong “, and the official motto of the US Coast Guard, Semper Paratus, meaning “Always Ready.” Semper Gumby, referring to the animated clay character Gumby. (The real Latin phrase meaning “Always Flexible” would be Semper Flexibilis.)

Vetted VA

Semper Gumby2022-01-13T17:07:00-08:00

A Post Request for Review/Feedback/Insight on a Particular Service Provider

So you’re moderating and you get a post like this:

You find yourself confused – how do you address each post, but also what are they asking for that is actually educational?  Better yet, what are they actually asking?  This post can include, and often does, more questions like, “Has anyone used SAFECO insurance?”  “What can y’all tell me about REMAX realtors.”  “I’m wondering about your experiences with Veterans Lending Group.”  You can see

A Post Request for Review/Feedback/Insight on a Particular Service Provider2022-01-01T18:31:49-08:00
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