Am I eligible for a VA Home Loan?

The major eligibility categories for a VA home loan include:

  • Veterans and service persons who have served 181 active-duty days during peacetime, unless discharged or separated from a previous qualifying period of active duty service
  • Veterans who served during World War II, Korea, or Vietnam, if they served for 90 days and were honorably discharged
  • If you have served for any period since August 2, 1990, you can also qualify if you have served 24 months of continuous active duty,
Am I eligible for a VA Home Loan?2020-05-22T13:37:09-07:00

Can I only use my VA Benefit once in my life?

No. Simply put, once you have a loan and then sell the property, you can get another VA loan.  There are, of course, possible conditions to this, but the VA Home Loan allows for it.

Utilize a Vetted VA Loan Office to get your personal recommendations.

Can I only use my VA Benefit once in my life?2020-05-22T14:02:48-07:00
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