VVA5 is the top rank achieved. A professional is awarded this in recognition of time served as a Vetted VA professional and once the promotion board is passed. This rank is focused on educating and mentoring lower ranks of Vetted VA and speaking publicly as a voice of education about the VA Home Loan benefit. Professionals are required to create educational assets as requested and to serve as a voice for determining external educational topics and reviewing content before publication. They review common topics in Vetted VA and bring those to the group to address and disseminate for the creation of new training. They provide feedback on topics and ideas before they are brought to the other ranks.  VVA5 are held to the highest standard amongst all ranks and are to set an example for others to emulate. They lead with fairness, courage and commitment to those they are in charge of while enforcing all regulations and articles governeing the disciples of Vetted VA.

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